School Exercise Mirroring is a feature of AI Math Coach that helps bridge the classroom and home learning experience. By utilizing the OpenAI API, the system can interpret instructions provided by parents or students to generate customized exercises that mirror the style, structure, and difficulty of classroom exercises. This feature ensures a seamless continuation of the learning experience from school to home.

1. User Input: Parents or students can provide a set of instructions to our app in the form of text descriptions or images of school exercises.
2. AI Interpretation: Our system, leveraging OpenAI API, reads and comprehends the provided instructions to understand the core essence.
3. Generation of Customized Exercises: Post interpretation, a set of problems are generated which mirror the style, structure, and difficulty of the provided examples. This ensures the exercises feel familiar and align with the student's current curriculum.
4. Ready-to-Print Format: The generated exercises are formatted meticulously to fit the A4 size, making it easy for students to print and practice off-screen.

With AI Math Coach, parents no longer have to tediously search for aligned study materials. The app provides a hassle-free way to generate exercises that not only match but enhance the school learning experience for their children. The generated exercises are in a ready-to-print format which combines the benefits of digital innovation with traditional learning techniques.

To start using AI Math Coach, you can visit our landing page and click on 'Generate Worksheets Now'. Follow the prompts to upload or describe the classroom math problem, and the app will create practice sheets that feel just like school. The generated exercises can be easily printed for offline, hands-on practice.

Progress is auto-captured on AI Math Coach. All attempts are saved, making tracking progress and spotting areas to focus on a breeze. Parents can check the answers in the app after their child is done with the exercises.

Exercises on AI Math Coach are highly customizable. The AI interprets the instructions and generates problems that mirror the style and difficulty of the classroom exercises provided. This ensures that the content feels familiar and aligns with the student's current curriculum.

Yes, AI Math Coach is designed for access anytime, anywhere from any device. This ensures constant and consistent engagement with math practice. Additionally, the choice of printing exercises for traditional practice is provided.

AI Math Coach offers flexible subscription options to cater to different needs. You can choose from monthly or yearly subscriptions. Each subscription tier provides unlimited access to our School Exercise Mirroring feature and other resources available on the platform.

The cost of a subscription to AI Math Coach varies depending on the duration of your subscription. A monthly subscription is priced at $9,97 and an annual subscription at $99,97. Discounts are available for longer-term subscriptions.

Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial which gives you full access to all the features of AI Math Coach. This way, you can explore the platform and see how it meets your needs before committing to a subscription.

Subscribing to AI Math Coach is simple. Just visit our website, click on the 'Subscribe Now' button, choose your preferred subscription plan, and follow the prompts to complete the registration process.

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. Any changes will take effect from the next billing cycle.

you can cancel your subscription at any time. Once canceled, you will not be billed for the next cycle, but you can continue to use AI Math Coach until the end of your current billing period.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal for your convenience. Your payment information is securely handled and encrypted for your protection.

Yes, we offer special pricing for educators and group subscriptions. Please contact our support team for more information on these discounts and how to apply.

For any inquiries regarding subscriptions and pricing, feel free to contact our support team at or via the contact form on our website.